Shipping and Delivery (refers only to products purchased on the site, rather than the sites to which the site refers)

  1. The service provided within the site is only offered in certain areas that are. periodically defined by LAALIAA AOSARIIA at its sole discretion in Israel (in the future we may sell products to people abroad and people in the Palestinian Authority and adjust the policies accordingly) (hereinafter: “service areas”). Delivery of purchased products is only possible when the requested address is within the service areas, and there is no technical, security, or other impediments, which prevents the supply of such products. The Company will reserve the right to change the service areas from time to time without prior notice.
  2. Within the service area, the purchased product will be shipped by registered mail or by a courier to the house or the workplace at the cost of NIS 30 (shipping fee). Free shipping is offered for purchase over NIS 349, whereby the product will be couriered to the home or the workplace, or picked up from a pick-up point, as decided by the buyer at the time of purchase.
  3. Shipping will be ready for the customer within?? business days. Once the product is shipped, it will reach its destination within?? business days (in most parts of the country). There might be delays in shipping to remote areas such as Eilat, the Golan Heights, or the Jordan Valley.
  4. The full address must be provided to the courier (street name and house number – not a post office box), and a phone number to coordinate the delivery. The shipping fee will be charged if a shipment is returned to us due to missing details. Deliveries to remote communities (such as Eilat, settlements beyond the Green Line, or the Golan Heights) might take longer. In communities where the courier company cannot reach the customer, our representative will contact you to find another solution to deliver the order.
  5. In areas that are restricted due to security or other reasons and/or in areas that the shipping company and/or the courier cannot reach, LAALIAA AOSARIIA and/or the courier will be allowed to deliver the products to the customers in a nearby location agreed upon in advance with the customer.
  6. After making your purchase, the order’s status can be tracked at any time by logging into the site’s “My Account” and clicking “My Orders.” The customer will also be sent an email confirmation of the order within?? hours from the completion of the online shopping transaction. If the order is accurate, you will be sent a confirmation email and/or SMS with the order and a tracking number.
  7. Discreet shipping – it is vital for us to maintain your privacy. Therefore the package you receive from us by mail or courier will have no identifying details. Rest assured – you can place an order and forward it to your home, office, or place of your choice.
  8. LAALIAA AOSARIIA will not be responsible for any postponement or delay in the supply of the product when caused by a force majeure and/or events beyond its control like war, hostilities, emergencies and natural hazards, a strike at service providers or producers of goods, and for any other cause of a delay related to the manufacturer, the supplier or the transportation of the products, and/or any reason beyond our control.
  9. The prices listed next to each product on the site include VAT, do not include VAT.
  10. LAALIAA AOSARIIA endeavors to ensure that the products are in stock; however, there may be cases where products are out of stock. If a replacement product is chosen, the order will be updated; otherwise, the order will be canceled, and no fee will be charged.
  11. LAALIAA AOSARIIA endeavors to deliver the products purchased in the fastest possible time. The period refers only to business days (weekdays – Sunday to Thursday, excluding Fridays, Saturdays, holiday evenings, holidays, and remembrance days, as well as other days when there is no activity in the financial institutions). We begin to calculate the period one day after receiving an approval notice from the clearing company for the transaction. If the transaction is not approved, a message will be sent to the customer with a request to provide an alternative form of payment. If we do not receive an alternative form of payment, LAALIAA AOSARIIA may cancel the transaction.
  12. LAALIAA AOSARIIA will not provide products for which no payment has been made.
  13. To purchase a product through the site, the customer must fill in all the details required in the designated places, select the product from the product page or the product list, add it to the shopping cart, and include all the details required for payment and shipping. The customer can pay with a valid credit card, which can be cleared by one of the legally operating credit card companies. The card number and details will need to be entered in the designated places. Providing false information is a criminal offense and may result in criminal and/or civil litigation.
  14. Phone purchases – if the customer prefers not to provide his details online, he can give these details over the phone. The customer may call the telephone number listed on the site and provide the following information –  name and description of the selected product, customer name, shipping address, email address, phone number, and a valid credit card number. Representatives of LAALIAA AOSARIIA will confirm to the customer, by phone, that the selected product is in stock and that the customer can order.
  15. LAALIAA AOSARIIA will wait for the credit card company to approve the customer’s purchase through his card, and only after receiving the approval the order will be processed and shipped to the customer.
  16. When using the telephone purchase option and providing the above information, it is also possible to pay via a bank transfer to LAALIAA AOSARIIA’s bank account.
  17. LAALIAA AOSARIIA will wait for the bank’s approval for the purchase made by the customer, and only after receiving the approval will process and ship the order.